Dear clients of Osa Tropical Properties,

Whether you are a vacation property owner or live in Costa Rica, each of you has a connection to Costa Rica that you are ready to share. We want to recognize your special position as ambassadors for Costa Rica by connecting you with our client referral program. Each year we pay out a number of “referral commissions” to people that have referred their friends or family when they close a purchase or sale with one of our agents.  

You are undoubtedly regularly asked by friends, family, co-workers and colleagues what it’s like in Costa Rica and what made you decide to invest or move here. There is no need to convince anyone that moving to Costa Rica is the right path for them. But if you find yourself in conversation with someone who is already thinking about a switch to a more pura vida lifestyle, or investing in real estate in a tropical locale, ask them if you can register them with our office. With their permission, you can sign them up to our database where they will receive our weekly newsletter featuring new listings, virtual tours, news from our real estate blog, and more great information about properties for sale in the Costa Ballena (South Pacific) region. All you have to do is register them and we will send them a quick email to confirm that they agree to being signed up. And when they purchase or sell a property with us, you will be entitled to receive a portion of our commission! We pay a portion of our commission* to you for the client referral when the deal closes! It’s that easy! 

You, our clients, have worked with us for months or even years and you know us best. We love to serve and we go above and beyond in making sure that our clients get from search to sold to settled — without a hitch. When you recommend someone you know to our office, you can rest assured that we will look after them with care, patience and attentiveness.

With the current pandemic, there are a variety of ways that countries are responding to this global crisis and many people are reconsidering staying in the place that they currently call home. Costa Rica is being touted worldwide for the amazing response taken by the government and the low rates of infection and mortality when compared on a one-to-million scale. Match that with the high quality lifestyle and low cost of living that expats experience when moving to Costa Rica and we know that we have a winning recipe for a perfect refuge for people like us who value peace, tranquility, and healthy living in a tropical climate.

Follow the directions below to begin registering your contacts who love Costa Rica to our Osa Tropical Properties network of amazing properties for sale in Costa Ballena, Costa Rica!

*Your referral portion of our commission is based on a % of your agent’s net share of the total commission, less broker’s fees for taxes on the commission. Contact us for more details

If you’d like to refer a specific agent, please put their name into the notes.

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